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The name of the organization shall be the Deutsche Kafer Klub

Deutsche Kafer Klub, herein after referred to as the DKK, shall be the furtherance and promotion of the following items through its members who are joined and mutually pledged to the DKK:
A. The enjoyment and sharing of goodwill and fellowship engendered by owning or showing interest in an air-cooled Volkswagen automobile as defined in Article III below, and/or related memorabilia, and engaging in such social or other events as may be agreeable to the membership.
B. The interchange of ideas and suggestions with other Volkswagen clubs and other car clubs throughout the world and in such cooperation as may be mutually beneficial to their membership and ours within the DKK.
C. The maintenance of the highest standards of restoration and operation of vintage Volkswagens (air-cooled) by sharing and exchanging historical, technical, and mechanical information among the membership.
D. The highest standards of courtesy and safety on the roads and at any auto-related events.

A DKK Volkswagen is defined as an VW air-cooled automobile that has been restored, customized, modified, and/or maintained to the highest order.

Section 1 - Powers
DKK shall be empowered to do all things and conduct all business necessary to carry out the general objectives of the organization as set forth in the By-Laws. All business decisions and policy making shall be performed by the members of its Executive Committee.

Section 2 - Club Logo
Only active members in good standing may own, display, posses, or otherwise use the official logo of DKK.

Section 1 - Governance
All decisions of DKK will be the responsibility of the Executive Committee and its active members. The Executive Committee will consist of the founding members of DKK and other senior members of DKK elected by secret ballot. The Executive Committee may appoint Regular, Junior, or Probationary members to leadership positions as necessary to complete DKK business.

Section 2 - Elections
All elections will be conducted during the course of the DKK meeting. All balloting will be supervised by members of the Executive Committee. A majority vote by the members present is required in order to elect or reelect any Executive Committee member.

Sections 3 - Notice of Election
The Executive Committee will notify members of pending elections. Members must be present to vote. No proxy voting will be permitted or excepted.

Section 1 - Membership
Membership in DKK is by invitation only. An invitation to membership is determined by a majority decision of the Executive Committee. Membership is granted to members who are in good standing and who have paid their initiation fee and annual dues as required by these By-Laws. There are two classifications of membership:Active Membership - Members who own one or more VW cars that are restored, customized, modified, and/or maintained to highest order of DKK standards. The owner may be in the process of rebuilding, restoring or customizing his or her car(s). Active Membership can only be granted by a majority vote of the Executive Committee and DKK Members. Probationary Membership - Members who own one or more VW cars that are restored, customized, modified, and/or maintained to the highest order of DKK standards. The owner may be in the process of rebuilding, restoring or customizing his or her car (s). Probationary members may become active members after completing a probationary period of club affiliation. Probationary members will be reviewed by the Executive Committee before Active Membership will be granted. Member’s conduct, club participation, and service to the DKK will be determining factors in promotion to Active Membership. Complimentary Membership - An individual or organization may be recognized by the Executive Committee as a member of the DKK and receive a complimentary membership.

Section 2 - Membership Obligations
DKK members will pay a one time initiation fee ($50) and annual dues ($40) on time and participate in club activities to the best of their ability. Members will attend scheduled meetings of DKK. Members will assist (to the best of their ability) any and all members in the DKK who are having trouble or problems with their cars. An example is when a member is attending a club function and his/her car breaks down. Members will attempt to help anyway possible to get that member’s car road worthy. DKK members never abandon other DKK members. No member at any time will attempt or try to cheat, vandalize, slander, or steal from another member in the DKK, no matter what the circumstances leading to this action may be. No member will cause any type of dangerous or reckless situation with their vehicle either by themselves or with any other members inside or outside of any club related functions. Members will conduct themselves in a proper adult fashion at all times and during all club-related events. Members will also present good fellowship to all other Volkswagen clubs and VW drivers. DKK members present a positive image while attending related events as long as they are representing themselves as a member of the DKK. DKK family members are always welcome to DKK activities and will be considered adjunct members of DKK. Members and their families may display/wear club logos and participate in club events so long as the active member is in good standing. Only adult members in DKK in good standing will have voting privileges.

Section 3 - Membership Initiation Fee & Annual Dues
A one time membership initiation fee in the amount of $50 is due upon acceptance of the probationary member by the Executive Committee. The annual membership dues will be in the amount of $40 and shall be made payable to the DKK and forwarded to the appropriate Executive Committee member. Probationary Member’s annual dues will be prorated the first year of club affiliation only. The $50 initiation fee will not be refunded to any probationary member not accepted in to the DKK. Annual dues are due and payable in January of each year. Any member account not renewed by January 31st will be dropped from the membership. A membership may be reinstated with late penalties and will not be prorated.

Section 4 - Membership Invitation
DKK membership is by invitation only. New and qualified persons seeking membership in the DKK should complete an application for Executive Committee review. Applications may be obtained from Active Members only. Approved applicants will be notified by a member of the Executive Committee. If a membership application is rejected, an active member of the DKKS , in good standing, can appeal to the DKK Executive Committee on behalf of the rejected applicant. Any rejected application can be reversed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Section 5 - Membership Renewal
DKK members will be expected to remember the January 31 deadline to renew their membership. Non payment of membership dues will result in the immediate suspension of membership in the DKK and termination of all club affiliation.

Section 6 - Membership SuspensionAny member may be suspended from membership, by a majority vote of the Executive Committee for infractions of rules and regulations, the By-Laws, or actions against the best interests of the DKK. Upon written notice of suspension, the suspended member shall be afforded reasonable opportunity to be heard, in person by the Executive Committee. If the suspension is upheld after such hearing, the member shall be dropped from the active or probationary membership list.

Section 7 - Membership Resignation
Any member may resign by addressing a letter of resignation to the Executive Committee. The resignation shall become effective upon receipt and all club privileges shall terminate as of that date.

The Deutsche Kafer Klub shall use a calendar year for accounting purposes. January 1 through December 31.

Section 1 - Voting
Only Active Adult Members in good standing may vote on DKK business.
Probationary Members may not vote until promoted to Active status.

Section 2 - Amendments
Amendments to the DKK By-Laws can be granted only by a majority vote (51%) or the recognized Active Members.

Section 3 - Personal Liability for Unauthorized Obligations
Any obligation or indebtedness in the name of the DKK incurred by any member in contravention of these By-Laws shall be an act ULTRA VIRES. The person or persons responsible for such an act or acts shall be personally liable, individually and collectively, to the DKK in an amount equal to the resulting obligations, indebtedness, or losses which the DKKS may be required to pay.

Section 4 - Proposed Amendments
Members of the Executive Committee or Active Members may propose amendments to these By- Laws. Amendments proposed by such persons shall be forwarded in writing for action by the Executive Committee. Written proposed amendments must be submitted to the Executive Committee prior to any discussion on the proposal at a DKK meeting.

Section 5 - Ballots
The membership shall vote on all proposed amendments to these By-Laws during a regular meeting. A majority vote is required for any amendment to pass.

Section 6 - Meetings
Active DKK Members are required to attend four (4) quarterly meetings during the calendar year. Quarterly meetings will be held in January, March, June, and September. Specific dates/times and locations of the quarterly meetings will be communicated to active members at least one month prior to the scheduled meeting.

Ratified & Adopted: February 3, 2008

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